Parish Council Meetings, 2024

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Monday 10th June 2024, 7 pm

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On every 2nd Monday of the month

No meeting in August

Annual Parish Meeting, Wednesday, April 22th, 2024 - 7:30pm, in the Village Hall

Report 2024

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Parish Councillors

Patsy Bates

Katy Ford

Chloe Green

Robin Holwell

Ian Lawson

Tony McAllister

Claire Mountain

Tim Nicol - Chair

Jerry Watson - Vice Chair

Simon Woodman

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Jenny Rice


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What is a Parish Council?

In law, the town council is a parish council. A town council covers a town whereas a parish council covers a village(s).

Parish councils have their origins in the development of villages, all over England, during Saxon and Norman times - 1000 or more years ago. Villages were ruled by the Lord of the Manor because as communications were poor and central government often weak, there was little national control. Sometimes the villages all met to make decisions, which affected the whole community. Gradually, it seems, that parish priests and sometimes schoolmasters joined the Lord of the Manor to become a kind of ruling clique because in small villages they were the only people who could reason right. It was probably them that became the first effective parish councils.

After the Second World War the National Association of Parish Councils was formed, and by 1952 half of all parishes in the country were members. The Association became a national force and raised the profile and consequently the activity of parish councils.

A parish council is democratically elected to serve a defined and local area.

Parish councils exist to protect and promote the interests of their communities and to provide local services.

There are 11,000 parishes in England and Wales. In Wales the area is known as a Community. Some smaller parishes do not have parish councils; others are grouped with other smaller parishes and served by one parish council. Parish councils serving large, mainly urban populations are generally known as 'Town Councils'

Parish council powers cover allotments; arts and entertainment's; baths and wash houses; burial grounds; bus shelters; bye-laws; cemeteries and crematoria; charities; clocks; closed churchyards; commons; conference facilities; community centre's and village halls; footpaths and bridle-ways; lighting; litter; parking places; parks open spaces; playing fields and recreation grounds; ponds; planning; postal and telecommunication facilities; public lavatories


These are available for residents who wish to cultivate their own produce. Rents are very reasonable and water is laid on.

Children's Playgrounds

The Playing Field and The Close

Footpath Lighting

The Parish Council pay for the maintenance, repair and supply of the street lights in Easton. If you are having problems with a street light, then contact the clerk and give the location/details, and they will report it to the officials.

Tel: number as above

Millennium Garden

This is a small green situated at the junction of West Street, High Street, Westfields and Porters Lane. In the spring it is full of bulbs Hopefully more plants will be added. There is a seat in memory of Harold Cook, who was a long-serving Councillor on the Parish Council.

Playing Field

The Council is responsible for the upkeep of the Playing Field which is available to all. There are cricket and football pitches on which local teams play. It also has one of the two children's play areas.

Spring Close Pocket Park

Spring Close can be accessed from High Street and the Stamford Road. There are benches under the trees and a war memorial to the Polish servicemen who were billeted in Easton during the War. The pond was puddled with clay last summer and is still needing some work. A lovely quiet place for a picnic.

Trees and Greens

The Council has planted many trees in the village and owns two village greens. However, grass and roadside verges are the responsibility of the County Council and queries should be addressed to the County Surveyor.