News from Easton on the Hill Horticultural Society, 2020.

Thank you all for your entries so far, the photography and swiss roll made by a gentleman classes have received many entries.

Entry is open for floral art and juniors.  The box of mixed vegetables and Easton top vase can be entered anytime before August 2nd.  For any late entries please submit to eastonshow2020@yahoo.com 

For all entries and any questions do contact us eastonshow2020@yahoo.com 

We look forward to publishing the virtual show day on Sunday 9th August.

We are also now on Facebook, please visit and like our main page for updates on our events and other horticultural and craft news.

Easton on the Hill Horticultural & Crafts Society 

Horticultural News...


Welcome to the Easton on the Hill 101st 'Virtual' Show.

We have received 87 entries from 26 entrants over 30 classes.  The show is displayed below over 3 presentations.  

The Society advised at the start of the show that there would be no official judging and no awarding of the usual trophies.  Last year was the Society centenary, in the same year shortly before the show a former Society treasurer and committee member, Harold Gregory, passed away.  Harold's commitment to the Society, among other village groups and activities, has been recognised with an award kindly donated by a villager.  The winner of Harold Gregory Centenary Award has been chosen by the committee.  We are also awarding the Banksian Medal and runner up prizes.

We do have one last class to go.  The sunflower competition for junior members.  Look out for instructions on how to enter at the end of the month.

Thank you to all our entrants this year, without whom there would be no show.  A special shout out to Olly Beardsall with 15 entries.  

Many thanks to Graham Lilley for supporting the publishing of the show on the website.

See you next year!

Show Team

Click on the pictures below to view the entries, winners and runners up.

(please allow a short while for the images to load as they are quite large files)


The Horticultural and Crafts Society is a very popular society with over 100 members, a strong committee and a history of successful events. The current committee are looking to either switch office positions or step down from their posts. To ensure the continued success the Society will hold an AGM in January 2022 to elect new officers and are looking now for people who would like an active role in a village society. 

We have positions of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Show Secretary open for nominations and welcome anyone who is interested can join the next committee meeting or just come and find us at the show and have a chat. 

‘It’s a special group, I look up to all the committee and value what everyone has to offer, I am truly thankful I joined.’ Joy Forster, Chairman

 A questionnaire is currently being circulated round the village and to the Society membership. We encourage everyone to complete and respond to the questionnaire.  The more questionnaires we receive the better we can understand the future of Society activity therefore we encourage you to complete the questionnaire as fully or as briefly as you feel.  


If you would like to receive a copy of the questionnaire or would like more information on the Society  please contact eastonshow2020@yahoo.com  we’d love to have you with us.