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Welcome to the Easton on the Hill 101st 'Virtual' Show.

We have received 87 entries from 26 entrants over 30 classes.  The show is displayed below over 3 presentations.  

The Society advised at the start of the show that there would be no official judging and no awarding of the usual trophies.  Last year was the Society centenary, in the same year shortly before the show a former Society treasurer and committee member, Harold Gregory, passed away.  Harold's commitment to the Society, among other village groups and activities, has been recognised with an award kindly donated by a villager.  The winner of Harold Gregory Centenary Award has been chosen by the committee.  We are also awarding the Banksian Medal and runner up prizes.

We do have one last class to go.  The sunflower competition for junior members.  Look out for instructions on how to enter at the end of the month.

Thank you to all our entrants this year, without whom there would be no show.  A special shout out to Olly Beardsall with 15 entries.  

Many thanks to Graham Lilley for supporting the publishing of the show on the website.

See you next year!

Show Team

Click on the pictures below to view the entries, winners and runners up.

(please allow a short while for the images to load as they are quite large files)


The Society held its AGM on Tuesday 18th January and Chairman Joy Forster stood down after 8 years.  Joy thanked all officers, committee, members and volunteers who have contributed to the Society over the last century and who continue to support the Society. 


The Chairman’s annual address acknowledged the challenges in recruiting new officers for the Society but also commented on how important the annual show is for members and the village community.  To this end a revised constitution was adopted and a revised committee elected as follows,


2022 Horticultural and Crafts Society committee


Show Chairman - Marion Cutforth

Treasurer - Barbara Connollly

General Secretary - Joy Forster


General Committtee 

Louise Strain

Chrissie Rawlinson

Glenis Woodman

Sam Hayden

Dawn Washington

Ken Rawson

Bill Bulman

Sue Van SIlver


The first committee meeting will be an exciting mix of new ideas while maintaining the traditions of the show.

Watch this space for more news on the 103rd Annual Show in the Summer!

The Society will be sending out 2 emails in the next week to confirm if current members wish to continue receiving updates and news so please check your junk mail.


Joy Forster – General Secretary

103rd Annual Show - Sunday 7th August 2022


The Society can confirm show plans for 2022.  There are the usual classes in flowers, vegetables, photography and art and a Jubilee themed class for floral art and cookery.  Due to limitations on venue space a reduced show will be held this year in a similar style to the 2021 show.  We hope there is something for everyone this year and look forward to seeing you and your entries in August.  Details on how to enter will be issued with the full schedule, meanwhile take a look at the classes and start planning your entries.


Flowers and Vegetables


     1  Potatoes any colour (5)

     2  French Beans (9)

     3  Courgettes (3)

     4  Tomatoes (6) any size

     5  Carrots (5) max 15cm tops

     6  Runner Beans (5)

     7  Beetroot (4)

     8  Onions, max 500 grams trimmed

     9  Box of Mixed Vegetables min 4 types

     10  Roses 6 blooms

     11  Roses Floribunda 3 clusters

     12  Mixed Annual Flowers

     13  Spray Chrysanthemums

     14  Vase of Mixed Sweet Peas

     15  Gladioli 3 spikes

     16  Asters (6)

     17  Mixed Perennial Flowers

     18  Dahlias – large/giant (2)

     19  Dahlias – medium (3)

     20  Dahlias – small or miniature (3)

     21  Vase of Mixed Dahlias

     22  Foliage Pot Plant

     23  Flowering Pot Plant

     24  Floral Art Arrangement ‘Platinum Jubilee’

Photography (All in colour max size 17cms x 12cms and must not be digitally enhanced)

     1  Photography – Royal theme

     2  Photography - Portrait

     3  Photography – ‘wings’

     4  Photography –  Animals (children only)


     1  Painting or Drawing

     2  Painting or Drawing ( children only)

     3  Article made of any material with Platinum Jubilee Theme

     4  Royal Crown, any material – children only

     5  Decorated Cake with Royal theme (not tasted)

     6  Fairy Cakes with royal themed decoration– children only

Marquee for sale

Over the years the Society and village community have benefited greatly from having a marquee. The time has come where the Society can no longer support the ownership of the marquee and it needs a new home. The marquee is up for sale, it can be bought as a whole (14m x 6m) or can be split in 2 parts (8m x 6m and 6m x 6m). For more details contact Joy 07718900007 or email eastonshow2020@yahoo.com 

Thank you to all those who have supported the Society in the purchase, ongoing maintenance and setting up and dismantling of the marquee.

2022 Horticultural and Crafts Society committee

A reminder of the new officers

Show Chairman - Marion Cutforth

Treasurer - Barbara Connollly

General Secretary - Joy Forster

If you would like to join the committee or receive news from the Society please email  eastonshow2020@yahoo.com for more information.

Horticultural & Crafts Society 2022

Society Membership

Following the AGM in January 2022 the Society reviewed the constitution.

Membership has been updated and is now free membership with no annual fee.  Members must provide an email to receive updates and news from the Society.  Receiving this email is confirmation of your membership.  Membership can be cancelled at anytime by unsubscribing at the foot of this email.