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Welcome to the Easton on the Hill 101st 'Virtual' Show.

We have received 87 entries from 26 entrants over 30 classes.  The show is displayed below over 3 presentations.  

The Society advised at the start of the show that there would be no official judging and no awarding of the usual trophies.  Last year was the Society centenary, in the same year shortly before the show a former Society treasurer and committee member, Harold Gregory, passed away.  Harold's commitment to the Society, among other village groups and activities, has been recognised with an award kindly donated by a villager.  The winner of Harold Gregory Centenary Award has been chosen by the committee.  We are also awarding the Banksian Medal and runner up prizes.

We do have one last class to go.  The sunflower competition for junior members.  Look out for instructions on how to enter at the end of the month.

Thank you to all our entrants this year, without whom there would be no show.  A special shout out to Olly Beardsall with 15 entries.  

Many thanks to Graham Lilley for supporting the publishing of the show on the website.

See you next year!

Show Team

Click on the pictures below to view the entries, winners and runners up.

(please allow a short while for the images to load as they are quite large files)


The Society held its AGM on Tuesday 18th January and Chairman Joy Forster stood down after 8 years.  Joy thanked all officers, committee, members and volunteers who have contributed to the Society over the last century and who continue to support the Society. 


The Chairman’s annual address acknowledged the challenges in recruiting new officers for the Society but also commented on how important the annual show is for members and the village community.  To this end a revised constitution was adopted and a revised committee elected as follows,


2022 Horticultural and Crafts Society committee


Show Chairman - Marion Cutforth

Treasurer - Barbara Connollly

General Secretary - Joy Forster


General Committtee 

Louise Strain

Chrissie Rawlinson

Glenis Woodman

Sam Hayden

Dawn Washington

Ken Rawson

Bill Bulman

Sue Van SIlver


The first committee meeting will be an exciting mix of new ideas while maintaining the traditions of the show.

Watch this space for more news on the 103rd Annual Show in the Summer!

The Society will be sending out 2 emails in the next week to confirm if current members wish to continue receiving updates and news so please check your junk mail.


Joy Forster – General Secretary

103rd Annual Show – Chairman's Report

There were ups and downs for our annual horticultural show held on Sunday 7th August. The downs were a smaller entry for vegetables and flowers but this was to be expected due to the hot weather and lack of rain (us gardeners are never satisfied with the weather!) but there was still enough to give a lovely display. We were also surprised at the low entries in photography, as previous years usually yielded a large number of exhibits.

The ups were the number of people who came to visit us and partake of teas and cakes in the Blue Bell garden and came to the village hall to see the show entries displayed; have a go on the tombola; and buy raffle tickets. There was lots of chatter between exhibitors and visitors which is always good to see.

Also on the ups list was the glorious weather, maybe a bit too warm but so nice to sit under the marquee roof in the pub garden and have a cup of tea and chat to friends.

Another up was the number of helpers and committee members we had who set up/took down display stands and tables and made cakes for the teas and served them, they were brilliant and I very much thank them for all of their hard work to make the show a success.

This year's show has also given me plenty to think about for next year – yes, there will definitely be a show! It will be bigger and better and anyone interested in helping us, please contact me, we always need people to keep this show alive for everyone in the village.

So overall it looks as though there were far more ups than downs!

Marion Cutforth, Show Chairman  marioncutforth@btinternet.com

Horticultural & Crafts Society 2022

Society Membership

Following the AGM in January 2022 the Society reviewed the constitution.

Membership has been updated and is now free membership with no annual fee.  Members must provide an email to receive updates and news from the Society.  Receiving this email is confirmation of your membership.  Membership can be cancelled at anytime by unsubscribing at the foot of this email.

Diary dates for 2023


Wednesday 15th February – Annual General Meeting  (AGM) -  7pm at the Village Hall

All welcome to join for the AGM and a social evening. Wine and finger food served.  A slightly later date than usual and we hope to see you there.


Spring Bank Holiday Weekend – Plant Stall – Donations of plants and seedlings welcome.


Sunday 11th June  - Rose Day at the Village Hall, more information at a later date.


Sunday 13th August – 104th Annual Horticultural and Handicrafts Show

Schedules available in the spring but we will publish the classes on the website as well before then. We will be reviving the home-made wine class, so get fermenting!


Any further information, please contact Show Chairman, marioncutforth@btinternet.com