15th Easton on the Hill Gala Weekend

Village Gala,

August Bank Holiday Weekend 27th - 30th Aug. 2021

Well it’s over, and I think we can all agree it went very well and was a great “coming out party” for the village.


I don’t have all the figures yet but we certainly made a good profit and all the feedback so far is positive.

The Raffle sales were over £1500, thanks so much to Tracy for taking this on and managing it (and folding the tickets and counting and banking the cash)

The Quiz was a great success thanks to Ian Coupe- 19 tables sold and a profit of £120. Good banter too.

Friday’s Soul Night was a generous gift to the village from Alex, paying for Motor City Vipers and not charging an entry fee was amazing, and we all had a great time on the dance floor. (Also paid for by Alex, along with the marquee).

Saturday’s Car Show was full of some very shiny metal, well done Ian Frost for winning the top prize and the cricket was popular and fought in good spirit I gather- an honourable draw.

Easton’s Got Talent attracted around 200 in the audience, we took £750 on the door, and after the uncertainty of how many would be happy to be in a cramped venue that was a relief. Even though we opened the doors not many of the audience escaped during the interval. Full marks to everyone who took to the stage, well nearly everyone…   We will make a donation to the guys from Lux Technical from those receipts if that’s OK (as in 2019) and then will give a share to the participating groups. Well done Harmony and Hormones- the ladies won the Clapometer deservedly.

On Sunday the crowds came for the beer and bands and drank the pub dry, and ate all the food. Massive thanks and respect to Alex, Cinzia and the team for some truly herculean work. Bar staff were working for 12 hours straight and coping with all sorts of happy customers and what they left behind. Alex was up until 3.30am Sunday dismantling the lights, drapes, sound etc with the other heroes of the weekend from Lux. Having cleaned the toilets he was back to the cash and carry by 8.30 the following morning. We worked out he and the kitchen staff cooked 280 kilos of chips in the weekend! Luckily more beer arrived from the Grainstore Brewery on Monday and it kept flowing all day.

The crowds came on Monday and they stayed, thanks to all the entertainment in the arena and around it, and the lovely grub in the pub. The Pet Show attracted the best ever entry – around 50, well done Sarah. Everyone involved can take credit for the success of the day both in terms of the finances and the fun, but I must mention Ian Lawson for his creativity and effort in all the cowboy themed nonsense which seemed to work well for everyone, and kept lots of kids entertained all afternoon. Thanks also to Pete and Graham for sorting the PA, to Lucy and Duncan for the hay bales, to all the ladies in the diner for some great beans and cakes etc, and anyone who I’ve forgotten. It’s great that so many people from across the village get involved and commit their time to this community event.


The Mercury called me for a report this morning and have already published it with some photos taken by their photographer- Ian Lawson features again!



Can all organisations who raised money please email me with their totals so we can add up the grand total figure. (I already have the Village Hall, £78, and the Church £400!)


Thanks also to our generous sponsors, Richardsons Estate Agents, Messenger Construction, Peter and Duncan Mitchell (Farms), Geoff Calder, and Gareth and  Nicola Kendall, who basically covered the sunk costs from 2020 and the setup costs for 2021 so we could press on with confidence.  

When it’s all totalled up we will have an informal meeting to share out the proceeds and have a think about anything we might improve in future. Most likely Tuesday 14th as it’s Parish Council Meeting on Monday 13th. If you have any suggestions on how to improve in future by all means email in advance. Our next gala will be over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend, with bank holidays on the Thursday and Friday, not the Monday, so the format may need some adjusting. The dates are Thursday 2nd- Monday 6th June 2022. Put it in your diaries now!


Thanks everyone.


All the best,