Jerry's big turn on

The big turn on with mulled cider and mulled wine will follow the carol service on Sunday 11 December, all welcome at 40 Church Street!!

THURSDAY 14th December!!!

Book & Games exchange


Read a good book lately?

Maybe you have, and although it was great you don’t want to keep yet another book.  But you would like something else to read?  Well, a solution is close to hand!  The Church has a space set aside for a book exchange: there’s everything from picture books for the really young first reader, through to thrillers, romance, war, and just about every genre.  How it works is simple – if you have books to donate, please bring them along and put them underneath the tables (just to the left of the inner doors) whilst we still need to take coronavirus precautions.  Then, browse through the available selection and take a book or two away.  You can, of course, bring them back when you’ve finished, so someone else can enjoy them!

And there’s more: there are also some games – and the same principle applies.

The Church is usually open from around 9.30 until 6.30 (or dusk when we get into the shorter days) every day.


December Services

04/12/2022 09:30   Benefice Service  King's Cliffe

04/12/2022 16:00 Christingle Children’s Service  Bulwick

11/12/2022 09:30 Holy Communion  King's Cliffe

11/12/2022 16:30 Carol Service  Easton on the Hill

16/12/2022 18:00 Carol Service  Bulwick (Friday Evening)

18/12/2022 10:30 Holy Communion  Easton on the Hill

18/12/2022 16:00 Carol Service Collyweston

18/12/2022 16:30 Service of the Word King's Cliffe

18/12/2022 18:00 Carol Service Laxton

24/12/2022 16:30 Lantern Family Service Peace Garden, Easton on the Hill

24/12/2022 16:00 Crib Service  King's Cliffe

24/12/2022 23:30  Midnight Mass  Easton on the Hill

25/12/2022 09:30  Christmas Communion  King's Cliffe

25/12/2022 10:00  Christmas Communion  Collyweston

25/12/2022 10:00  Christmas Communion  Laxton

25/12/2022 11:00  Christmas Communion Bulwick

01/01/2023 09:30   Benefice Service King's Cliffe

Village Events

What's on the Hill

Parish Council Meetings, 2022

Monday, 12th December 2022

To take part, see details on Parish Council web site

View the agenda and minutes of past meetings: here


can be found at the Post Office - Westfields, CIPS - Church Street and the Village Hall - New Road.

CODE:  C159X