Photos from a great Jubilee weekend

7 Jun 2022 09:25

Photos from a great weekend, and a wrap-up.

Thanks a million to Mark Ford for taking lots of photos over the weekend and for sharing them with us.

Follow this link to see them on Google Photos.

Judging from all the feedback everyone had a great time celebrating this historic occasion and thanks to all that attended, took part, helped set up and take down, and just generally supported the event.

As Jerry and I announced, we will not be running Easton's Got Talent next year but it is planned to go ahead in some form thanks to some offers of help from other volunteers.

I'd also like to pass on the reins for co-ordinating the Fete, planned for Sunday August 28th, or at least work alongside someone with a view to handing over next year. I genuinely feel it's better for the continued success of village events for a good mix of people to plan and organise them, and others could no doubt develop these events better than I can. Volunteers please drop me a line or come and have a chat.

Sincere thanks to everyone who made it all happen and especially to Alex and Cinzia and their staff for all their hard work and providing the marquee and facilities that we all enjoy. Thanks also to Peter Gibbons and his team who every year literally go without sleep to fit us in to their busy schedule. Without them we would be a much less impressive set-up.

Thanks again, see you around,
Tim Nicol