Triple B Club

27 Apr 2022 10:53

We're launching our 2022 season with an open day on Sunday 15 May. And we want as many people as possible to join us! Having benefitted from a very generous government donation during lockdown, we want to show you how we put this money to good use. Our 'best view of the village' will be open to all. 

We'll start at 12, and light the barbecue. All you need is a bottle (or three), something to 'throw' on the barbie and the odd bag of crisps. Think of it as Fizzy Friday with balls. Not that you'll be obliged to play, but the option will be open to you!  (And we go way beyond bowls now!).

Come take in the view, enjoy the convivial company, and bask in the sunshine!!

For those who don't know where the green is - go through the gate at the back of the peace garden, and turn right.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Paula F Jenkins F IDM
07843 25 27 20