Street Party @ The Blue Bell

27 Apr 2022 10:56

Queens Jubilee Street Party That's Not A Street Party
The Blue Bell
Sunday 5th June 12pm-5pm

If you aren’t attending a street party to celebrate the Queens Jubilee then why not join us at The Blue Bell instead?

We are hosting a friendly and informal get together in the marquee (so we can also stay dry if the weather isn’t in the mood to celebrate!).

The marquee will be decorated to add to the atmosphere and you can watch the events taking place up and down the country on the big screen, with your friends and neighbours.

This is a picnic style gathering and so please bring whatever food you and your group or family will best enjoy, be it cakes and sandwiches or a full afternoon tea!

The bar will be open (so please don’t bring your own drinks!) so that we can toast this momentous occasion together as a community.

We would love to celebrate with you and hope to see you on the 5th…..


We will be decorating the Queens Jubilee Marquee on Wednesday 1st June and would love to see it full of red, white and blue, so if you have any bunting or can make some for us, please do donate it (or let us borrow it!). 

Alternatively, if you have any materials in red, white and blue that could be turned into decorations/bunting, please let us know and we will arrange to collect it.  We will take ANYTHING that’s clean, so clothing, bedding, table cloths – really ANYHING that can be cut into shapes.

We are also looking for crafty support; so if you are handy with a sewing machine and have a few hours to spare we would really like your help  to turn the materials into decorations.

Please contact Tracy Auchterlonie on 0743 7179009 to either donate/ let us borrow or volunteer to make decorations / bunting.