Parish Council Update - May 2022

27 Apr 2022 10:52

New Councillor Co-opted

The Parish Council is pleased to report the co-option of Pat Firth to the remaining vacant Parish Councillor position.  We welcome Pat and look forward to working with her and using her skills to improve the village for the benefit of residents.


Playing Field phase 2 installation update

The next phase of the equipment to be installed is due to take place soon.  A meeting was held with Wicksteed and they have confirmed a collection and install date commencing 9/5/22 for the zip wire, roundabout, swings, surf rider and freestyle. We are very excited to be nearing this installation in time for the better weather and all to enjoy.


New Playing Field Management Committee

The new committee, with delegated powers to make decisions and spend their budget, held their first meeting on 20th April.  Members of the committee appointed so far are as follows; Cllr Jerry Watson (Chairman), Cllr Simon Woodman, Cllr Patsy Bates, K Cox and D Davenport plus the Cricket Club representative member. The committee can have up to 10 members, so if you want to get involved, please contact the Clerk at clerk@eastononthehill-pc.gov.uk or 07889669550. 


Annual Village (Parish) Meeting on Weds 27th April

The Parish Council are due to hold their annual village meeting this week. You can soon read the reports submitted from the Council and village groups on the council website.

The next meeting is the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 9th May at 7pm for election of the Chairman and statutory/audit documentation plus the normal monthly items.


Spring clean of the village and pond

There will be a spring clean arranged soon and the Trees and Green Working Party will be litter picking and clearing the pond area.  If you would like to get involved and help, please contact the Clerk as above or Cllr Chloe Green on 07765343920 for more details.

FYI you can still use the email address below for messaging the Parish Council with feedback and ideas.


Jenny Rice, Clerk.