28 Apr 2021 14:40

Patsy Bates
I have lived in Westfields, Easton on the Hill, for 64 years and delivered your post for 34 of them but am now enjoying retirement. I have lots of experience as a Parish Councillor having been in post for over 43 years. I am married to decorator, Martyn and we have enjoyed being members of our wonderful, village community – you will most likely see me walking my dog, Paddy, around the village.
I am the Volunteer Allotment Manager and also currently a member of the Playing Field Improvement Committee, Finance Committee and Trees and Greens Working Party.  I am committed to continuing to serve the community and improving the village for all residents.

Sam Cherry
Following a move to Easton on the Hill in October 2020 with his partner Sophie, Sam has taken residence on Church Street and is already an active member of the Horticultural Society with an allotment on West Street and on Westfields. Alongside his time in the village, Sam heads up Digital Broadcasting for the FIFA Football Association in Zurich, looking after events such as the World Cup and wider football development initiatives globally.
Sam hopes to use his knowledge and experience in Football's governing body to bring some new thinking and energy to council initiatives and looks forward to meeting more people from the village as lockdown eases.

Ian Kirkwood Lawson
Born in Suffolk I moved around the country with my parents and attended Hull Nautical College whilst living in Yorkshire. I went to sea in the Merchant Navy as a Deck [Navigating] Cadet and later as a 3rd Officer. On leaving the Merchant Navy I lived and worked in Canada, and on returning to the UK joined H.M. Prison Service. I served as a Prison Officer at Winchester Prison for 40 years, working with every type of prisoner.
In 2014, on retirement, my wife Christine and I moved to the village. We were made very welcome and settled into the life of this amazing village. I am a member of the village History Group, BBB Club, ‘Harmony on the Hill’ male choir, Stamford Litter Pickers, Friends of the Church and co-ordinate Church maintenance. My interests include 15th century Living History, water sports and aviation. We have one daughter who lives and works in Dublin.
I believe I am a good innovator and certainly a team player, so would hope to become a valued Council member if elected.

Jerry Watson
I have lived in this wonderful village for 40 years and have seen many changes in that time. I believe that change in communities is a good thing , I also believe that the values that exist in this village should also be guarded and cherished . Having retired from practice I feel now is a good time to be actively involved in the council .

Hello, I am Revd. Keir Dow and I am hoping to be elected onto Easton on the Hill Parish Council.

I  moved to Easton on the Hill last May and have been sent here by the Diocese of Peterborough to act as Curate within the benefice. Part of this charge is to serve the community and all souls who reside within. This is something I feel very passionate about and is part of my calling to ordained ministry.
I have sat on the council since arriving as a co-opted member and currently sit on the finance committee and am chairman of the playing fields improvement committee. I have been a teacher for the last twenty years and am still adjusting to the shift in my career into ministry. I believe I can bring a range of skills and abilities to the council. I am used to dealing with a wide range of people in my work as well as outside agencies such as local authorities and local groups. I have a proven track record in getting projects completed as well as working with others to facilitate shifts of culture and thinking. I am used to working in teams and am good at focusing on outcomes and efficient routes to the best desired outcome.
I truly believe that God has sent me to this place and wants me to work in and for the community however I can. I hope that this indicates my desire to show service to the people of Easton and manifesting the church in the world.  

Tim Nicol
Tim chose to live in Easton in 1990. His wife Joanne has local family connections and they have raised two daughters in the village.
His professional career includes 20 years in food marketing and 15 years in marketing consultancy. Selected to take part in BBC1’s “Village SOS” programme, he lived in Derbyshire for a year as “village champion” in 2010. He subsequently developed his hobby of home brewing into a local micro-brewery business, Stoney Ford Brew Co. He is now largely retired.
Tim has co-ordinated the village gala for 14 years, runs the “What’s on the Hill” email newsletter, sits on the Friends of the Church and EATS committees, organizes the church mowing rota, is a member of 4 village groups, and Stamford Litter Pickers. He is also a Trustee of local cycling charity “Tour de Sands”, and is a Trustee of T-21 Charity, who are converting Easton Garford School into a café.
Having been a vocal critic of the Parish Council and some of the people on it in the past, Tim joined the Parish Council in August 2019, and now sits on 4 committees. Tim will quite understand if you don’t want to vote for him.

Chloe Green
We (Tim and myself) moved into the village in 2000, making us relative newcomers by Easton standards.  Since then we have had three children, who were fortunate enough to benefit from what was our wonderful village pre-school and primary school.  After a busy period of involvement with village life I have been on sabbatical, driving around the country ticking off hockey pitches and athletics tracks.   I now feel in a position to once again be able to offer my time to help serve, maintain and improve our amazing village.

Barbara Connolly
I moved to the village with my husband and our young family in 2012, we wanted to raise our children in a rural location and found Easton on the Hill to be a beautiful, friendly place.
I’ve spent 20+ years in Finance and have worked for a range of companies from small family run businesses to large corporate organisations. I currently work as a Finance Manager and have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home while still being able to pop into the office to keep in touch.
In my free time I’ve found a new love for cooking, trying new recipes which has given me more confidence. While it has not always worked out it has been good fun learning and over time my children have wanted to get more involved, which I love.
Now our children are older we are exploring the village and surrounding areas more, finding new walks and with the help of our energetic puppy ‘Teddy’, a good excuse to go out and enjoy it even more.
I would like to contribute more to our village and becoming a member of the parish council is hopefully the best way to achieve this.

Hi my name is Simon Woodman  I am 54 years old.
I was born and raised in the village where I attended the primary school before moving on to Kings Cliff and then onto PWS at Oundle. After finishing 6th form when on to work at a local large scale farm. I went on to do 3 years at an agricultural college. After finishing that went on to work back on the farm before spending over 10 years working on farm all over the world finally come back to the UK in 2006 where I have been doing a varied number of jobs from back on the farm to driving a London bus. Before taking my HGV test and driving lorries on agency work before having 3 years work at Ketton cement before moving on to driving for Royal mail as a network driver for the national hub taking the mail to all corners of the UK. I still do some farm work in my free time for a farmer in the village as well as some European truck driving for the music and F1 industry .
I am open minded and think outside the box with a can do outlook and have a lot of local knowledge and contacts. I have many interests including travel motor sports machinery new and old and how things work.
I was a member of the horticultural society committee for about 10 years mainly dealing with the marquee and the show Schedule and the scoring system as well as the printing.
I hope to be on the Parish council to push forward the plan of the village.

Daphne Sharpe
I have lived in Easton on the Hill for fourteen years and have been Parish Councillor for seven years.
I am a member of the Finance Committee, Planning Committee, Traffic Working Party, and Playing Field Improvement Committee.

James Hamilton
James moved to Easton on the Hill six years ago just a few weeks before he and Catherine had their little boy. If you’re up and about early, you’ll see the family cycling around the village most mornings.  
James married his childhood sweetheart Catherine when they were reunited many years after both growing up in the North East of England.  Catherine is a member of the Playing Field Improvement Committee and has been helping to revitalise and develop the playing field.
James, a Chartered Engineer, has worked and travelled around the world, and is currently transforming Jaguar Land Rover’s supply chain.  James’ first ever acting role was a hill in a family production of the Sound of Music, so he felt suitably qualified to join EATS (Easton’s very own Amateur Theatrical Society) to demonstrate to himself and other villagers that lack of talent need not get in the way of getting involved and having fun.
Over the years James has organised many charity events (and particularly enjoys barn dances) and has done some pretty silly things to raise money such as jumping from aircraft, cycling across countries and climbing mountains.  In 2020 he was co-opted onto the Parish Council wanting to make a positive difference to our beautiful village which he and his family are proud to call home.

My name is Claire Mountain and I moved to the wonderful village of Easton On The Hill with my husband and 2 teenage children over 4 years. I was born and bred in Scotland, went to Newcastle University almost 30 years ago, ended up marrying a ‘Yellow Belly’ and have lived in and around Lincolnshire ever since! I am a Dentist by trade although am on a career break and have  been back to university, been a property manager for a lettings agency, a project manager and administrator for a building company  and am currently an exams invigilator and an NHS vaccine volunteer. I love playing all sorts of different sports and walking my mini-schnauzer, Tattie!
I consider myself to be responsible, congenial, organised, approachable, hardworking, enthusiastic and energetic. I am good at listening in a non-judgemental and objective way and am open and interested in different opinions and ideas. I have no ulterior motives or vested interests in becoming a Parish Councillor other than I am keen to be involved, help and to do my part to ensure our village and its community continues to thrive and be an enjoyable place for everyone to live.

Robin Holwell
 I am a village resident and farmer.  I have lived here all my life (over 50 years) and I am the third generation in my family to farm at Fairview Farm (on the east side of the village), after my Grandparents and Great Uncle moved to the village in 1932. With my Great Uncle, Grandfather and Father all having been part of the Parish Council, I also wanted to become a Parish Councillor to try to care for and help improve this village many of us call home.