Village Groups Volunteer Vacancies

Thursday, 8 December 2022 12:00

It feels as though several village groups and clubs are struggling to recruit locals to help organise and run the events and activities that contribute so much to the quality of life in Easton. Several of the “usual suspects” are not able to do as much due to ill health, old age, and other commitments, and as the numbers of organisers, trustees, and office holders dwindles, those that are left “on the committees” have an even greater call on their time.  

The New Year is often a time when we all look at our priorities for the coming months and many people will perhaps  be thinking that they could spare a few hours here and there in a good cause and in a way that promotes cohesion and enjoyment in the village.

To that end “What’s on the Hill” in January is happy to run some “Volunteer Vacancies” announcements.

Can we ask all village groups, societies, clubs etc who are in need of more help to write a short “Job Ad” style piece setting out what the vacancy entails and what, if any special skills or experience is desirable. Whether you need officers to run the club or a few extra hands at events, WOTH may be able to help your recruitment efforts.

Please send to Leonie Jarvis by 19th December latest.

Tim Nicol