New Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner: “Determined to keep listening"

Thursday, 23 May 2024 13:37

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Message Type IconNew Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner: “Determined to keep listening, and build trust”

Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Danielle Stone said she is determined the voices of people across Northamptonshire will shape the priorities for the county’s police and the fire service.

During her first two weeks as Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Danielle has been setting the tone that she will follow through her four-year term of office, getting out and meeting people to understand their priorities for safer communities.


Danielle Stone took office as the county’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner on May 9 – the first woman, and the first Labour politician, to hold the role in Northamptonshire.


Since then, Danielle has been building key relationships with the Acting Chief Constable, Chief Fire Officer, and their teams, learning more about both organisations and getting to grips with the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Read more on our website how Danielle has kept up the pace she has set over the last 14 years as a councillor, going out and listening to the issues that matter to people in their communities: