Neighbourhood Watch’s biggest recruitment drive in recent times launched

Monday, 6 March 2023 22:31

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Neighbourhood Watch’s biggest recruitment drive in recent times launched

We are thrilled to launch our biggest recruitment campaign in recent years, termed a BETTER PLACE TO LIVE. We would all like to achieve a better place to live no matter our starting point – whether it be working together to reduce fear of and opportunities for crime, supporting our neighbours, reducing isolation and loneliness, or making new friendships. With 2.3 million members already, the campaign aims to:

  • attract even more members
  • encourage groups to be more active
  • encourage all local group members to register their membership nationally

Why are we running this campaign?

We want more members
We know the top four barriers to people joining are: there isn’t a group in their area, they don’t know who else is involved, no one has asked them, or they are unsure about what is expected of them. These barriers are all easily overcome by members chatting with neighbours. And there is no better time to invite people to join your group than now. We have a range of printed material to help you to grow your group, such as membership flyers, join postcards, volunteer flyers and a Coordinator pack that brings all that material together.


We want to be more active in your community
We are proud to say that we have a tested brand recognition of 93%. Despite this, it is clear that not everyone knows what we do. Our charity becomes more visible by being more active and vocal within our communities. More importantly, active groups are more effective at preventing crime, reducing loneliness and isolation, and building a more resilient community. 


So our campaign also encourages and enables Coordinators to be more active within their community. We have a range of resources such as ‘how to’ guides to help groups to be more active.


We want local group members to register their details

The strength of our charity is in being volunteer-led and by being embedded within communities for over 40 years. But times have changed, and how we process data has changed. Like any membership organisation, we ask volunteers and members to register on our robust and free membership database.


Registered members will receive a digital New Member Welcome Pack and regular crime prevention advice. They can opt-in to receive further information from local organisations, such as the police. Members can sign up in three easy steps, and as they move area, their account moves with them. With all members registered, Coordinators can manage their scheme from one central place and easily hand over the reins to a new person when they move on.  


How you can get involved



NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH NETWORK, Central Support Team / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn / Online shop

 Neighbourhood Watch Network is a charity registered in England & Wales, CIO no: 1173349

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