Introducing CIRV (Community Initiative to Reduce Violence)

Thursday, 5 January 2023 17:22

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Introducing CIRV (Community Initiative to Reduce Violence)

Good Morning,


I am a Police Officer working for CIRV and would just like to introduce ourselves as new to Neighbourhood alert with a bit of an overview to what we do.

Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV)

In February 2019 CIRV was officially launched in Northamptonshire.

CIRV is based on a programme of the same name which ran in Glasgow and previously Boston (Ceasefire Program) and Cincinnati in America. Glasgow’s programmed was one of the most successful gang intervention anywhere in the world.


CIRV has a focus on both knife crime and gang intervention. We seek to intervene as early as possible away from these cultures through joint working and the building of genuine trust and rapport.

CIRV look to engage with young people who are involved in, or at risk of, becoming involved in knife crime and/or gang related activity. 

CIRV is Northamptonshire Police's programme delivering interventions to tackle gang violence in the county. Individuals referred are discussed at a weekly multi-agency triage to establish their risks and needs. Engagement on the programme is voluntary, and for those over 18 they must agree to GPS tracking.

 Learn more about the department, how you can make a referral.
 You can also read more about CIRV on our website,


 Kind Regards

PC 1581 Spence Lyman

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