Whats on the Hill - Vacancy

1 Oct 2019 14:37


As Dawn Strange is leaving thne village, there is a vacancy for the role of Editor of 'What's on the Hill'.

This important role involves being the 'central point of contact' for village organisations for events and news, pulling together contributions every month in the final week, and compiling them into the newsletter using the easy to use 'Mailchimp' online (web based) software. I'm happy to keep in the background and train and support whoever feels able to take on the role, but I'd rather not be the only voice that the village hears in here. I'm sure the rest of you agree. Similarly, anyone who feels able to take over the updating of the village Facebook and Twitter feeds, I'd love to hear from you.

Volunteers please email me- tim@mihcentre.co.uk.


Tim Nicol