Air Transport Aircraft at RAF Wittering - Night Flying

28 Nov 2018 17:13

Starting on Sunday 2nd December, air transport aircraft (including A400M Atlas, C130 Hercules and C17 Globemasters) and possibly helicopters will be using the airfield for exercises and training. At present, the night flying is not expected to continue until the late hours as darkness falls earlier in the winter months. This may change if there is an increase in the training requirement, but the exercise is due to finish on Friday 7th December. The airfield at RAF Wittering is large enough to take any aircraft in the Defence inventory, which makes it a valuable training asset for our air transport fleet. The Station is one of several that supports night flying, which ensures that no single area is unduly burdened.   RAF Wittering is reaching out to its neighbours and the nearby equestrian establishments as there will be a noticeable change to the pattern of flying activity at Royal Air Force Wittering. If you have any questions about the activity we have planned, you can contact RAF Wittering on 01780 417470 or contact us through the Station website