News from the Parish Council, Jan. 2024

Tuesday, 23 January 2024 21:31

News from Easton on the Hill Parish Council

New Grounds Maintenance contractor opportunity

Opportunity to tender for a Grounds Maintenance Contract

Now that the Parish Council has taken on responsibility for the Sports Pavilion at the Playing Field, and after the stepping down of the current caretaker, we propose to engage a Playing Field Grounds Maintenance Contractor on a self-employed contracted basis and invite interest and tenders from interested and qualified parties.

Maintenance of Parish Council assets, primarily play equipment and the Pavilion;
A) Completing a number of identified tasks to bring the Pavilion premises up to a “fit for purpose” standard and compliant with Health & Safety (H & S) regulations. Where jobs fall outside the agreed scope of the appointed contractor, liaise on practical issues with specialist contractors as appointed by the PC and the Clerk for:
• Electrics – PAT testing
• Plumbing – Septic tank and internal plumbing
• Grass maintenance
• ROSPA checks
• Fire Extinguishers
• Rodent control
• Waste management
• Car Park remediation

B) Ongoing maintenance of the Playing Field and Pavilion, to include:
• Ensuring council premises are secure and safe and plumbing and electrics are functioning correctly.
• Liaison with hirers on practical issues.
• Grounds maintenance including but not exclusively:
o Bins – Empty bin by woodland area as required.
o Hedge – Trim playing field side twice between 1 Apr – 31 Oct (Pavilion to car park – car park to woodland)
o Fence around play area – Maintain and repair as necessary.
o Nettles - Strim area on southside of playing field monthly between 1 Apr – 31 Oct, or as suggested by the Nature Recovery Group.
o Inspect play equipment within play area monthly and complete necessary paperwork, to include acting on ROSPA reported issues as agreed.
o Inspect pavilion weekly/monthly according to H&S and Fire Safety checklist, including emergency lighting, smoke alarms, Legionnaires testing etc and complete necessary paperwork.
o Link with and supervise Friends of Playing Field volunteer group (working parties).
o Read water and electric meter, as required.
o Siting community goals and benches, as required.
o Maintenance of shelters in and adjacent to the play area
o Dealing as far as possible with acts of vandalism and breakage, reporting incidents to the clerk for onward reporting to the police.
o Removing litter from field and woodland area.
The Close Play Area
• Monthly checks and minor maintenance of Play Equipment, fencing and gate at the Close Play Area, completing the necessary paperwork, to include acting on ROSPA reported issues as agreed.
• Cutting back hedge in alleyway (pedestrian access to The Crescent) as necessary.
• Emptying of bin and removal of litter as required.

Health and Safety Responsibilities
The contractor will comply with all applicable health and safety legislation including the use of appropriate PPE and clothing for all tasks including; safety glasses, ear defenders, gloves etc. where necessary and adherence to all relevant regulations and guidelines for working at height.

Risk assessments
The contractor shall carry out risk assessments on all areas of work prior to undertaking tasks and shall provide confirmation of this to the council on request. The contractor shall then work in a safe manner minimising risks to self and the public with reference to those risk assessments. The contractor shall undertake any training on specific tasks which the council deems necessary and shall hold relevant qualifications for specialist tasks as necessary and provide confirmation of this to the council on request.

In all matters, send completed paperwork and report any issues that need addressing and all work done to the Clerk and liaise with the Clerk on related work.
The contractor will be expected to provide their own tools and equipment, and purchase day to day materials and submit invoices for payment.
Prior to being offered the contract, the council will need to see a copy of your public liability insurance certificate.

How to apply
• Submit your CV or summary document detailing your previous experience.
• Include details of your relevant qualifications for the role.
• Include your availability of work in the parish; please advise of any commitments which may limit your contract and provide details of who will carry out the work in your absence.
• Include your terms, including costs.
• Include two references which must not be a relative or member of the Parish council for whom you have done similar work for.

The above information should be sent to Jenny Rice, the Parish Clerk or post to Hibbins Cottage, The Green, Ketton, Stamford, PE9 3RA. Closing date 5pm on February 14th 2024.

Another opportunity!

A vacancy has arisen due to the recent resignation of ex Parish Councillor, Pat Firth.  The Parish Council would like to thank Pat for her hard work during her time as Councillor and for her dedication and enthusiasm, especially in matters relating to well-being and they wish her well for the future.


The Parish Council would like to hear from anyone who is interested in being co-opted to the role of Parish Councillor.  If you are passionate about the community and making improvements and developing the parish, please do get in touch with the Clerk or any existing Councillor - see above, the notice board or website for more details.