Burst Water Main!!

Monday, 15 January 2024 11:34

Information from Anglian Water

Interruption to Supply

Affected area:

Stamford Road and surrounding areas

Start Date:

Estimated restoration:

15 January 2024, 13:00

Last updated:

15 January 2024 - 08:46

In Progress 

Ref No. 63633042

We’re sorry there’s another issue with your water supply.

Following the work we did in your area last week, the water pressure in the main has caused it to burst again.

Because this is a high priority area for us after the issue last week, our teams have worked quickly to restore water by pumping it into the network directly using tankers. We’ll continue to keep the affected area supplied that way until our repair work is done which should be around 1pm this afternoon.

We’ll update our website with the latest repair times from our team on the ground.

Thanks for your patience.

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