The Polish War Memorial - Dedication, September 23rd

Saturday, 22 July 2023 20:48

The Polish War Memorial at Spring Close

(Thanks to Ian Lawson)

For those of you who do not know the history here is a summary. The Polish Paratroopers who were based in the village between 1944-45 built a memorial off Park Walk close to their barracks. These remains are on private land and were falling into disrepair so a replacement was built at Spring Close in 1984 by Dennis Ford helped by Jan Szymanski [a paratrooper who returned to the village and married a villager].

This one needed repair, and a group was formed to fund this. Then Covid arrived! On the 31st October 2021 a storm felled a tree falling right on top of the memorial destroying it.

The Parish Council have been working with a Polish re-enactment group ‘First to Fight’ and some other Polish Organisations who are funding the outstanding rebuilding cost after an insurance payout.

You will have noticed that the memorial is being built in a prominent position and of an improved design.