Playing Field Development; Opinion Survey

Friday, 5 May 2023 12:46

The Playing Field Management Committee (PFMC) would like your input on the next phase of the playing field development programme. It is essential that the funding route for any agreed development has the support of the community which we serve. To that end, we would be grateful if you would read this and submit your preference via the online questionnaire on behalf of your whole household.

The PFMC held a village meeting on Wednesday 22nd March 2023, to present and discuss the next phase of improvements and funding options. Please see the PowerPoint presentation with notes here , then click the link below to complete the questionnaire, or scan the QR code below.

In brief, the improvement options and approximate costs are:

  • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) £90,000
  • Pump Track (for scooters, skateboards, BMX etc) £50,000
  • Pavilion refurbishment £35,000
  • More Outdoor Gym Equipment £15,000
  • Local businessess donations
  • Grantscape (Landfill taxes)
  • NNC North Northants Council
  • Sports England
  • £100k = £155,616 total repaid. Band D = £16.21 pa increases in precept/local tax for 20 years.

(These examples do not take into account changes in the interest rate before applying for a loan, or changes in the numbers of houses in the village, or any other increases in the local tax in a given year during the 20 years term.)

Now please click this link to the survey or scan the QR code. It only takes a few minutes:

Many thanks

The Playing Field Management Committee


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