Sheep Attacked Behind the Church, Dec. 1st

Saturday, 2 December 2023 20:11

Message from Lucinda Hallam 

Another dog attack on our ewe lambs last night (Friday Dec. 1st) in Easton on the Hill, at the back of the church.


When around livestock!

This time of year there are sheep grazing on crops. If you see a field full of green leaves you can assume it’s a cover crop to feed stock and there may be sheep in there even if you can’t see them from one end of the field.
Sadly said dog killed 5 sheep and terrified many more! If anyone has any information about this please contact us. Needless suffering to the animals and the sheep are our livelihood! Farming is hard enough!

If anyone has any information, please call 101 and report. And let Lucinda Hallam or Duncan Mitchell know.