News from Easton on the Hill Parish Council, Dec. 2023

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 14:01

Budget for 24/25

The Parish Council approved the budget for 24/25 at their last meeting.   The budget dictates the precept amount that is requested from North Northants Council, which is then paid for by the residents via their local tax and council tax.

The budget will see a 3% rise in the precept amount.  This translates to around £2.52 increase in local tax pa pp in Band D properties.  Other bands will be slightly more or less.

The budget includes amounts to be put aside for work on proper registration of all PC owned land, another possible speed sign on the A43 and refurbishment of the pavilion.  Grants will also be applied for, to fund some refurbishment, in which case some money can be used for other refurbishments like the car park.

Reporting crime and Neighbourhood Watch

There have been concerns over drug crime in the village.  Everything must be reported for the police to be aware of it and take appropriate action when needed. Please see the link on advice from the police;

There is an online form to complete if it is not a 999 emergency. Ringing 101 can also be used for non-emergency issues needing reporting.  You can also ring Crimestoppers to report crime anonymously on 0800555111.

Neighbourhood Watch has lots of useful information and resources to prevent crime and advice on what to do in various situations, plus the latest scams etc to be aware of.  Go to to find your local scheme to join, or ring 01164026111.

Scam emails seem to be increasing - if you get anything suspicious send them to  Also report any online fraud on 03001232040 or 

If the police do not know about it, they cannot do anything about it.

Car park

It is recognised that this is becoming a problem again and despite the new grid system being installed, it is not enough it seems.  A surveyor has been employed to give a professional report and advice on a way forward - this report is due soon.  Please be careful when it is muddy in the wet weather.

New benches

Following requests from members of the public, and from the survey, two new benches with backs will shortly be installed around the playing field.

Please contact the Clerk with any questions or feedback on all things Parish Council...

Jenny Rice

Clerk 07889669550