Christmas Living Advent Calendar

Wednesday, 18 October 2023 18:34

Christmas Living Advent Calendar

Is anyone interested??

The idea is that 24 windows are decorated and lit around the village. 
Decorations/ideas/cost is entirely up to you. 
The theme is Christmas and should be suitable for all ages especially children and adults young at heart.

Each window is given a number and switched on that afternoon/evening as your number is reached. By the time it is Christmas there would be 24 windows decorated and lit around the village.
The window needs to be visible from the pavement as no house will be asked to receive people on to their properties. Upstairs windows may have an advantage but the decision is up to you?

We will require 24 people/households, to take part. 
The idea is to have it around the village so if we are inundated for one part of the village your house will be randomly drawn from a hat for that street.

If interested please forward your name and address to the contact details below and the closing date is Monday 13th November.
Thank you,

Anne Rothwell

Bomboniere by Manancourt

7 Western Avenue

Easton on the Hill


Lincolnshire PE9 3NB

Tel. 01780 751926